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          Okayplayer News Discussion
          Come in here if you want to post about anything you see on any of the the Okayplayer network sites:

          okayplayer.com | okayafrica.com| www.okayfuture.com| largeup.com|revive-music.com

          If you are looking for music discussion, take it down to The Lesson or we will pass gas and blame it on you.

          Moderators: okpdan, qoolquest, Steve
          Mon Nov-12-18 12:57 AM1 folder
          970 topics
          6812 messages
          The Lesson
          In-depth music discussion. Want to post about how cute you think Lil' Wayne is? Do not embarrass yourself! Take that somewhere else!

          The focus tends to be hip-hop, but go 'head and type about any music you want. Someone here will share your passion.

          Moderators: MISTA MONOTONE, Von Pea, KnowOne, fire, mrhood75
          Wed Jan-15-20 08:48 PM1 folder
          19469 topics
          340434 messages
          General Discussion
          Everything that doesn't go anywhere else.

          Your Uncle Ray Ray in jail again? Your brother pawn your high school ring for food? Miss Cleo give you bad advice? Talk about it here. (This is the fastest moving forum, you might want to lurk for awhile and get a feel for the place before jumping in.)

          Moderators: Gangsta Mittens, Sha, KosherSam, tonywashington, Rjcc, CyrenYoung, J_Sun
          Wed Jan-15-20 09:00 PM1 folder
          21078 topics
          700718 messages
          Okay Sports
          Play with your balls or talk about people who do. Fore!

          (Get your mind out of the gutter)

          Moderators: smutsboy, CyrenYoung
          Wed Jan-15-20 09:01 PM1 folder
          14210 topics
          608017 messages
          Life, Style, Art, Food, Health, & Travel. An archive of useful info for everyday life.

          *Everything you never knew you needed and so much more!

          Moderators: Bruce Belafonte, Sha, KosherSam
          Sun Nov-10-19 11:06 PM169 topics
          1852 messages
          Pass The Popcorn
          Formerly the forum for reviews of all kinds, Pass The Popcorn is now the area designated for your well-thought out discussions of movies, television shows, dvds, books, and non-music related items.Music and concert reviews should now only appear in The Lesson.

          Moderators: ZooTown74, Frank Longo
          Wed Jan-15-20 06:59 PM2 folders
          4121 topics
          150653 messages
          Freestyle Board
          The reflection of creativity bursts at the seams in this forum. If you enjoy poetry, lyrics and the occasional Battle, feel free to try your hand at keeping up with some of the Old Timers here.

          Moderators: KnowOne, ThaAnthology
          Wed Jan-15-20 06:30 PM1 folder
          7646 topics
          34337 messages
          Make The Music
          Our new Producer / Musician forum dedicated to the memory of Jay Dee.Discuss production techniques and gear.Looking to start a band? Network with other musicians and singers here.Get your beats critiqued but please no BEATS FOR SALE posts, they will be deleted.

          R.I.P. J DILLA(1974 - 2006)

          Moderators: Von Pea, Aeon, qoolquest, Soon
          Sun Jan-12-20 01:41 PM1 folder
          5782 topics
          42635 messages
          Get your Geek on.

          Anything from websites and programming to gaming and todays latest go go gadget devices.

          Moderators: Rjcc, BurbKnight
          Tue Jan-14-20 10:26 PM1 folder
          13842 topics
          260619 messages
          Okay Activist Archives
          Best of Okay Activist

          Moderators: Bruce Belafonte, BigReg
          Thu Sep-20-18 02:01 AM1064 topics
          32773 messages
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